William’s first brush with art was a crush on his art mistress at Bromley School for Boys in Kent, England. He wanted her approval and so became top of the class for art and it could be said that she was his first inspiration! On leaving school William went to work in the City of London at Number One Lombard Street which was then the address of England’s Premier Bank. William liked colour and the bank was not colourful so after two years he decided that he needed more in the way of adventure. He left for Australia where he stayed for five years and did everything from a jackaroo to co-owning a boutique in Melbourne specialising in fashion design. His creative flair was never far away in those days but the times they were a’changing. He returned to London and spent the next two decades still creating but this time it was several business ventures that took over his life and the art he loved took somewhat of a backseat. He sold the art of others rather than producing it himself. It wasn’t until the late 90’s that he came back full circle and picked up a brush again. The time was right and without the distraction of board rooms and management meetings he could give his full attention to become the painter that many artists and writers had said he should become.

William's interest lies mainly in water colours.  He was privileged to paint the 2006 Christmas Card for the prestigious Theatre Royal, Bath, U.K., as part of their fund raising activities.  William says 'Art is theatre so it was very appropriate'.

He enjoys painting House Portraits and is always thrilled to receive a commission as he feels it is part of the family history, which can be viewed by future generations, as a piece of their past.

His watercolours give him joy to paint and great pleasure in knowing that his work is appreciated, if, as William suggests, 'painting can be considered work'.



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William Mans, Original Artwork, UK
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